Six Pack Shortcuts

Everybody wants to get six pack abs, but most people don’t have the time or money to put into years of long gym sessions and strict diet plans… But what if there was a way to get shredded abs without sacrificing a ton of cash and time?

Six Pack Shortcuts may be the perfect workout plan you’ve been looking for if you want to get ripped six pack abs fast.

Whatever your current fitness level, Six Pack Shortcuts can help you shred fat and get a sculpted six pack in just 90 days without having to go on an insane diet and without having to spend hours at the gym everyday!

You can see The Official Six Pack Shortcuts Video here now.

What exactly is Six Pack Shortcuts?

Six Pack Shortcuts is a 90-day workout plan that will leave you with killer abs and won’t drain your wallet. The workout plan has recently received a massive overhaul and updated to version 2.0, so you’ll be getting the best workouts delivered in high definition to help you get the most out of your workouts.

These videos can easily be followed along at home using just your body weight and a few dumbbells on occasion – there’s absolutely no need to spend a fortune on a gym membership! And unlike the original Six Pack Shortcuts, the new and improved Six Pack Shortcuts 2 can give you amazing results in a fraction of the time.

With this carefully designed workout program, we are using a new feature called Scorch Sets that optimize the time that you spend working out and make the Afterburn Effect kick in extra hard! With Scorch Sets you’ll do three exercises back to back, with varying breaks depending on the difficulty level. This guarantees that you spend your workout time as efficiently as possible. Each video is 35 minutes or less and jam-packed with ways to get you the six pack abs that you’ve been waiting for! And the best part? Six Pack Shortcuts is for everyone, regardless of body type.

We understand that everyone starts from a different place, and that is why Six Pack Shortcuts has what we call an “intensity gauge”. Between scorch sets, you will take rests periods depending on what level your intensity gauge is. It works like this:

  • Beginner – 40 second break
  • Intermediate – 30 second break
  • Advanced- 20 second break

This makes sure that no matter what your fitness level is right now, you can start getting your killer abs today!

How Does Six Pack Shortcuts Work?

After you purchase Six Pack Shortcuts, you will follow along with the workouts of three top notch trainers; Clark Shao, Jonny Catanzano and Henry Tran. These pros will guide you through the three phases of Six Pack Shortcuts 2, with each phase lasting one month until, at the end, you have your shredded six pack. But how do the phases work?

  • Phase 1: Afterburn Training Phase
  • This phase focuses on building yourself a sold base and getting your body ready for the next, more intensive phases. You will workout your entire body and build up your endurance so you’re ready to focus on building a perfect six pack. This phase includes:

    – Full body workouts
    – Bodyweight plus weighted exercise
    – More endurance based workouts designed to boost fat-burning metabolism

  • Phase 2: Leptin Boosting Phase
  • Phase 2 of Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is all about compound training to work out specific parts of your body. This is what you trained for in Phase 1! But the real secret to Phase 2 is thermogenesis. Thermogenesis increases leptin sensitivity in your body. Without over-explaining, this phase is scientifically designed to accelerate calorie burn in your body. This fits the shortened workout routines perfectly; you’re spending every second burning the most amount of calories and fat possible! Phase 2 consists of:

    – Body part specific workouts
    – More emphasis on weighted exercises
    – Core cardio: 60 seconds of core exercise added into each set

  • Phase 3: Endocrine System Boosting Phase
  • Your body builds more muscle and burns more fat when you have more endocrine system activity, and that is what Phase 3 focuses on. At this point in the program, your body should be producing more muscle building chemical messengers than usual from your 60 days of working out. Phase 3 brings it all together to give you the rock hard six pack that you’ve spent two months working on.

    Phase 3 focuses on:
    – Compound resistance training to support optimal endocrine system levels
    – The addition of more advanced functional movements
    – Core strength: weighted ab exercises added into each set

More Six Packs Shortcuts Details

Now you know the overview of Six Pack Shortcuts, but what about the specifics? Well, each week you’ll follow a set of 4-5 workouts throughout the phases.

There will be 4 workouts per week, with 1 optional “Advanced Training Day”. You’ll have Jonny and Clark coaching you through the workout while Henry demonstrates how to get the perfect six pack by performing the workouts correctly.

We understand that Six Pack Shortcuts can sound like a lot, but don’t be discouraged! If you don’t think you’re up to some of the more intense parts of the training, just go through the 90-day program on level 1, then level 2, then level 3, until you have the body that you’re happy with.

Six Pack Shortcuts Bonuses and Discount Price

To make this an even sweeter deal, you’ll be getting even more than just the Six Pack Shortcuts DVDs. For starters, you’ll get instant access to the 14 day free trial to our “Six Pack Meal Plan” that will make sure your body is getting everything it needs to build rock-hard abs.

Another bonus is the Six Pack Shortcuts app, which lets you access all of your workouts wherever you are with the touch of a button. You’ll also get free Accelerated Abs to help you build your six pack even faster, and the free Arm Blaster program- a series of arm workouts to give you massive biceps and triceps to match your outstanding abdominals.

How much does all of this cost? $200? $400? All of this is packaged into an insane deal for a limited time discount price of just $97! You could spend triple that for a short gym membership, and Six Pack Shortcuts 2 gives you access to a scientifically designed workout plan, professional trainers, and all of the free additions! Good luck finding a better deal!

If you’re serious about getting toned, muscular body with six pack abs, secure your copy of Six Pack Shortcuts right now while the limited time discount is still available!